We are a creative company with an inquiring mind.

We go a step further to offer consumers new, environmentally friendly products that provide added value.

Always stay ahead of the market.

Myco Foods was founded in 2009 with the firm purpose of offering consumers natural products, from organic sources, that could provide properties and benefits.

The main success factor of the company has been to always be ahead of the market and to be in continuous search of new products. We were pioneers in introducing stevia in the national market, when it was not even approved yet by the EPSA.

As an added value, we have always been clear about how important it is to have a good quality system implemented in the company. We have the IFS certificate, a food safety standard that gives consumers peace of mind and confidence when purchasing our products or services.

Healthy as origin

We always take a step forward in favor of caring for the planet. That is why we are respectful in each of our processes: selection, preparation, packaging and transportation. We care about the product, the people, the environment and the footprint we leave on it.


We take great care in our processes to ensure that our products are 100% allergen-free. To this end, all ingredients that may contain allergens are worked in a totally isolated space from those that are naturally allergen-free.

We maintain a very rigorous protocol to ensure that there are no traces between the handling of one ingredient and another.

Strict quality standard

The basis of our work is to offer the highest certified quality and food safety, complying with the strictest regulations. We have the IFS Foods certification, the strictest in the market; we comply with the ECO regulation of the European Union regarding organic production and labeling, certified by the Organic Agriculture Committee of the Valencian Community (CAECV) and we collaborate with Ecoembes, collaborating in the care of the environment through recycling and eco-design.

In constant search for natural and healthy ingredients

Suitable for vegans

Gluten-free and trace-free products

Natural, GMO-free products

100% organic ingredients

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